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Common types of milling cutters for CNC milling machines


1) Disc milling cutter: Generally, it is composed of a machine-clamped blade or cutter head on a disc-shaped cutter body, and is often used for end milling larger planes.


2) End milling cutter: End milling cutter is the most commonly used milling cutter in CNC milling, and it is widely used for machining flat parts. In addition to end milling cutters, end mills are also commonly used for side edge milling. Sometimes end and side edges are milled at the same time. End mills can also be called cylindrical milling cutters.


 3) Forming cutter: Forming milling cutters are generally specially designed and manufactured for specific workpieces or processing content. They are suitable for processing specific shapes of flat parts (such as angular surfaces, groove surfaces, etc.), and are also suitable for special-shaped holes or tables.

4) Drum milling cutter: Mainly used for approximate processing of the variable bevel surface of variable bevel parts.
In addition to the above-mentioned types of milling cutters, CNC milling machines can also use various general-purpose milling cutters. However, because many CNC milling machines have special broaching devices in the spindle, or because of the difference in the taper of the spindle bore, it is necessary to prepare transition sleeves and tie rods.

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