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Methods to prevent rust of CNC tools Daily maintenance of CNC tools


CNC tools are tools used for cutting in mechanical manufacturing, also known as cutting tools. CNC tools require high precision, so in daily use, we must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance of CNC tools to extend its service life. Below, the daily maintenance methods of CNC tools are introduced.

Ways to prevent rust of CNC tools
The most important thing in tool maintenance is rust prevention and collision prevention; therefore, the tool cart must be purchased;

About the anti-rust part;
1 Anti-rust oil with good flat quality;
2 Before rust prevention, pay attention to wipe the tools clean; then prevent rust; keep the room dry; the collision part; the tool management car tells the tools to be placed separately, and it is strictly forbidden to put the tools together without any packaging;

The above is the part of CNC tool holder;
Regarding the carbide blades; these are all in the box when they arrive, just put the same blades together, and there is no need to prevent rust or something; but-Be careful not to mix two or several blades together.

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